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How can I change the world on #IWD2014 with just 1 small gesture?

“I’ve seen where change comes from. When it comes it’s like a song you can’t hold back. Suddenly there’s a breath moving through you. You’re singing and others pick up the tune and start singing too. And a sweet melody goes out into the world and touches the heart of 1 person and another then another.” –Suma

These are the brave words of Suma from Nepal. She is one of the girls whose life is portrayed in the movie called girl rising. A must watch movie!

So on international woman’s day 2014 I just don’t want to be as cliché as every other one’s speech on women and their position and role in life.

I just want to say with tears in my eyes that it still hurts me how women are treated and that it irritates me that anno 2014 there hasn’t been much of a change. I feel that the fact that I am not yet doing anything to change women’s life that I’m wasting my time.

I feel responsible as a woman that while knowing that there are child marriages out there, that I do not try anything to CHANGE their life.

So I hereby pledge that I will devote my life to CHANGE the lives of women worldwide. I will finish my education not just for me and my parents. But I will finish my education to use it to help my fellow women worldwide.

So what is your excuse? If you are a male or female I don’t care. What do you think about all the child marriages out there? Most young girls die while giving birth. I know you are blessed not to be in that position. But why aren’t you doing something small to change that?

Even if it’s donating 1 dollar. Because everyone thinks that donating just 1 dollar doesn’t make a change. But just think about it, if everyone with a descent salary could just donate 1 dollar. Do u know how many billions we would raise?

But yeah, humanity has come to this point that we just don’t care anymore…

So if you don’t have a valid excuse for not helping other women yet, start with a small gesture, or forever be ashamed of yourself 🙂



Worrying about the future too much?

Well I’m in between classes and decided to write a bit.                                                                                   So I bet you have these moments in life where you wonder so much about the future. That moment where you feel so uncertain of the future. Just thinking about the fact that if one thing goes wrong your whole life will fall apart. What if something happens to your loved ones, what if you get fired, what If you lose everything you have. What if, what if, what if. There is a lot of wisdom around this topic. Everything happens for a reason. Everything will fall in place eventually. All this wisdom is very true! But we are all human beings. It is just natural that we worry. So the question is how can we put all this wisdom in reality. How can we stop worrying about the future, knowing everything is happening for a reason. Well here is some advice I just got this year. And I am still repeating it every single day. Every night or if you want in the morning, write five things you are grateful for. Do this every single day. Believe me, it really helps! I do it every single day. I for example write how grateful I am for my family. So start doing this today. Take a pen or tablet and write five things you are grateful for and repeat this every single day. This will make you not only a more grateful person but it will also lead to more inner peace.