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How to be as fierce as sasha fierce to find your PURPOSE

I think everybody has been or maybe still is in this place where you know you aren’t supposed to be. In this place where u know change must come.
Because you cannot reach success via elevator. You have to take the stairs. You have to suffer first. Before you find your destiny in life

If you still are in this place where u aren’t happy. It means that you haven’t found your destiny yet. It means that you are either still working very hard to get out of this place. So thumbs up for you keeping it going. Or it means that you have peace with this situation. Because you think that, that is life. That you do not deserve more. Because you do not know your identity yet.

Well let me tell you something. If somebody else who was in the same situation as you, got out of it, why can’t you get out of it? Are you so stupid to believe that you do not deserve better. Why haven’t you found your destiny yet?

Do you know why you did not reach your goal YET? That is because you aren’t as fierce as you are supposed to be. Internally you are still searching for your passion in life. Because many people were never able to find their destiny in  life, due to the fact that they were too blind busy complaining, to find their destiny. That does not give you an excuse!

That other person who got out of the shitty situation had the same feelings as you. But that other person was so sick of it that he/she knew that the only way out of this situation was changing his/her mindset. This meaning that you aren’t sick of this situation. You just like being in this place.

So CHANGE your mindset! Stop being pessimistic and complaining too much about the situation. Complaining about your situation just makes you more of an idiot. If you don’t want to change anything stop complaining and be it, because that takes less of your energy.

So if you nearly want to be as FIERCE as me prove it to yourself!

Say this every morning to yourself in front of the mirror! Because if you want to change your life in the direction it is supposed to be, you will find your DESTINY. Your destiny/purpose will lead you to your happy place!Image

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Do you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe???

I think that everybody wants to succeed in life. Everybody wants a bit or a lot of wealth. How would you describe your success? Because everybody has his/ her own definition of success.

Well I would define success as being able to do whatever makes you happy. Being happy and healthy. Being able to contribute to other people’s life. Helping people getting their own success.

Let me give you a few recommendations for success:

1 Make your passion your life!

2 Surround yourself with people who are more successful than you. This sounds crazy. But rate the success of the 5 people around you. Add it up and then divide by 5. This number minus 1 is how successful you are. So if you are the most successful person in your group of friends you should definitely have new friends

3 Get coaching. Personal coaching is very expensive. But just follow blogs of coaches and that will give you enough coaching for the time being.

4 Study successful people their lives. Once you have studied enough of successful people you will be able to incorporate their strategies into your own life.

5 Keep educating yourself! Keep reading at least 5 books a month. This seems crazy but try to invest a lot of time in reading. Just subscribe via your Ipad or other tablet to websites such as kindle.

I could go on and on with tips but go and explore the internet yourself today. Get yourself educated. Not to exaggerate but self-education is a never ending process. Once you start feeding yourself with information you won’t be able to stop. 

Because if you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe you will do whatever it takes to do it.

Do you have asthma? Or do you know somebody who has asthma or something similar? Take an example of them. Let me tell you I had an asthma attack once in my life. Unforgettable! The only thing you want to do to stay alive is breathing nothing else than breathing. So if you want to succeed you must want that more than anything else. No distractions, nothing at all!

So start self-educating yourself and you will find the strategies to succeed.Image

Thank you for your attention.

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Living in the 21st century it seems so difficult to concentrate with all the distractions.
While you are busy doing your work suddenly you hear your what app messenger calling you. And once somebody messages you it continues till you realize a few hours have been wasted. Not only while you were whats apping but also while you were tweeting and being busy on facebook all at the same time.

So your work could have been finished in just one hour but just because of all these distractions you nearly lost 1 whole day.
And everyone who is not so fascinated by social media just gives you the advice to stop being distracted. They say that it is really easy bla bla bla. This is because they do not have any idea how addictive social media can be because they never use it.

So how can you boost your productivity?
Well all of us who are addicted to social media know that we are not just going to stop social media instantly.

So my advice. If you need to get a certain thing done, just stop social media for one hour. No facebook, whats app or even a washroom break. This seems silly. But we humans are so easily distracted that even on the way to the washroom you will want to do something else or you just want to have a glance at your phone.

So timer it. Put your timer for exactly one hour. And do not do anything else than your work. It is a bit hard. But think about it, one hour is gone so fast. So before you realize it, you are done with your work.

Just in one hour.

Lessons learned from life to succeed

The most valuable lessons we don’t learn at school. But these are taught to us by life. Everyone has these moments in life where you ask yourself: WHY ME? What did I do to deserve this?

Well I had a lot of these moments.Why do I have to experience such pain? Why God why me what did I do to deserve this? This could be the dirty work of karma of course. But for now let’s not take that in consideration.

What I found out is that in these difficult times God planned some very nice rewards for us. But in order to deserve these nice rewards he wanted to test us.

One of these events in my life were so painful that I didn’t have anything to life for. I just didn’t want to live at some point. Though the people surrounding me didn’t notice a thing. I was down for 1 or 2 days. I was praying to God and praying and asking him why, why me. And at the end of my prayer something magical happened.

I said to myself this sadness will bring me nowhere further than the grave. So at that point out of nowhere I came with new solutions. These solutions were more than substituting my original plans. So God already knew my path but he just needed to know how I would deal with the word failure. People around me think that I am Miss perfect but they don’t have any kind of clue of the pain that comes before succeeding.

Failure either means literally failing or becoming a stronger person to succeed. Coping with failure is what makes a difference between successful people and failures.

For instance Whats App co-founder Brian Acton. He was turned down for employment by Facebook and Twitter. A failure would still be home and wondering why life treated him so badly. But a successor such as him would ask what other opportunities life has planned for him. So If you want to become successful you have to fail first, and not just failing, failing badly!

Worrying about the future too much?

Well I’m in between classes and decided to write a bit.                                                                                   So I bet you have these moments in life where you wonder so much about the future. That moment where you feel so uncertain of the future. Just thinking about the fact that if one thing goes wrong your whole life will fall apart. What if something happens to your loved ones, what if you get fired, what If you lose everything you have. What if, what if, what if. There is a lot of wisdom around this topic. Everything happens for a reason. Everything will fall in place eventually. All this wisdom is very true! But we are all human beings. It is just natural that we worry. So the question is how can we put all this wisdom in reality. How can we stop worrying about the future, knowing everything is happening for a reason. Well here is some advice I just got this year. And I am still repeating it every single day. Every night or if you want in the morning, write five things you are grateful for. Do this every single day. Believe me, it really helps! I do it every single day. I for example write how grateful I am for my family. So start doing this today. Take a pen or tablet and write five things you are grateful for and repeat this every single day. This will make you not only a more grateful person but it will also lead to more inner peace.