Diary of a mad woman 2016

I’m sad.

I’m disappointed.

I’m frustrated.

Today I was walking to the metro station and this old grey haired Indian guy most probably older than my father passed me by and just kept walking close to me, to my frustration. I’m intuitive so I could feel his soul wasn’t in the same frequency aka bad news. So I walk fast to tag my card to avoid the guy. I go up the escalator so I’m as far ahead of the guy. Suddenly the guy stops next to me to make small talk. In myself I was telling him to f off. But I’ve been advised to be nicer and more open to strangers. So I kept talking with him about jobs and college for just few minutes. He then wanted to connect. I said yes and offered to add him on LinkedIn to see if he really wanted to connect professionally. No instead he gave me his cellphone number… So this confirmed my gut feelings.

We parted ways as I was traveling in a different class. I got off the metro and that guy also got off the same metro station to my frustration. I walk as fast as possible nearly running not just to avoid him but also because I was late for a Skype session with my mother. Suddenly the guy is behind me again saying hi in a creepy way. This guy is so ffn hungry! He tells me I haven’t called him yet. I just replied with not yet. I go down to the tram station. He also goes down but opposite platform. From the other platform I felt he was calling me just before I got into the air conditioned area I couldn’t give less of a f. In the beginning I felt guilty for the fact that I took his number because I felt I was giving him the wrong impression. But then I realized how sickening this guy is.

This guy, older than my own father, walks behind me like a hungry dog. He claimed to have attended some Ivy League College. Where are his morals? It bothers me that girls around the world are haunted by such figures. It irritates me that a lot of these girls don’t have a voice. Every time I hear of a woman getting raped it gets to me because it could be me it could be my mother or my sister. Why do we girls don’t have a voice?

That’s one of the reason that finally after two years I’ve decided to finally start an enterprise that will empower woman. I’ve had enough of women not having a voice. After a lot of soul searching I’ve found that my mission in life is to support and empower other women.
I don’t have a big voice yet but I will work on a platform where women their voice will be heard. And together we will have a loud voice so people will listen to us!

Want to get involved? Let me know!

Do you have a story you want to share because you’re afraid to share it with friends and or loved ones let me know. I will listen to you! Because your voice is important and you need to be heard.

Diary of a mad woman





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