Living in the 21st century it seems so difficult to concentrate with all the distractions.
While you are busy doing your work suddenly you hear your what app messenger calling you. And once somebody messages you it continues till you realize a few hours have been wasted. Not only while you were whats apping but also while you were tweeting and being busy on facebook all at the same time.

So your work could have been finished in just one hour but just because of all these distractions you nearly lost 1 whole day.
And everyone who is not so fascinated by social media just gives you the advice to stop being distracted. They say that it is really easy bla bla bla. This is because they do not have any idea how addictive social media can be because they never use it.

So how can you boost your productivity?
Well all of us who are addicted to social media know that we are not just going to stop social media instantly.

So my advice. If you need to get a certain thing done, just stop social media for one hour. No facebook, whats app or even a washroom break. This seems silly. But we humans are so easily distracted that even on the way to the washroom you will want to do something else or you just want to have a glance at your phone.

So timer it. Put your timer for exactly one hour. And do not do anything else than your work. It is a bit hard. But think about it, one hour is gone so fast. So before you realize it, you are done with your work.

Just in one hour.



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