Lessons learned from life to succeed

The most valuable lessons we don’t learn at school. But these are taught to us by life. Everyone has these moments in life where you ask yourself: WHY ME? What did I do to deserve this?

Well I had a lot of these moments.Why do I have to experience such pain? Why God why me what did I do to deserve this? This could be the dirty work of karma of course. But for now let’s not take that in consideration.

What I found out is that in these difficult times God planned some very nice rewards for us. But in order to deserve these nice rewards he wanted to test us.

One of these events in my life were so painful that I didn’t have anything to life for. I just didn’t want to live at some point. Though the people surrounding me didn’t notice a thing. I was down for 1 or 2 days. I was praying to God and praying and asking him why, why me. And at the end of my prayer something magical happened.

I said to myself this sadness will bring me nowhere further than the grave. So at that point out of nowhere I came with new solutions. These solutions were more than substituting my original plans. So God already knew my path but he just needed to know how I would deal with the word failure. People around me think that I am Miss perfect but they don’t have any kind of clue of the pain that comes before succeeding.

Failure either means literally failing or becoming a stronger person to succeed. Coping with failure is what makes a difference between successful people and failures.

For instance Whats App co-founder Brian Acton. He was turned down for employment by Facebook and Twitter. A failure would still be home and wondering why life treated him so badly. But a successor such as him would ask what other opportunities life has planned for him. So If you want to become successful you have to fail first, and not just failing, failing badly!


2 thoughts on “Lessons learned from life to succeed

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    1. Hi Enette. Mijn naam is Gabriella. Ja zou ik graag willen helpen.
      Well I love your writing skills. They are very good.
      But try writing more about what is on your mind.
      I bet you wonder about a lot of stuff. Well so you always search for the answers right.
      So blog about what you are wondering about and how you think that problem should be solved.
      I am also still thinking about in which direction my blog should go.
      And thank you for your comment 🙂


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