Diary of a mad woman 2016

I’m sad.

I’m disappointed.

I’m frustrated.

Today I was walking to the metro station and this old grey haired Indian guy most probably older than my father passed me by and just kept walking close to me, to my frustration. I’m intuitive so I could feel his soul wasn’t in the same frequency aka bad news. So I walk fast to tag my card to avoid the guy. I go up the escalator so I’m as far ahead of the guy. Suddenly the guy stops next to me to make small talk. In myself I was telling him to f off. But I’ve been advised to be nicer and more open to strangers. So I kept talking with him about jobs and college for just few minutes. He then wanted to connect. I said yes and offered to add him on LinkedIn to see if he really wanted to connect professionally. No instead he gave me his cellphone number… So this confirmed my gut feelings.

We parted ways as I was traveling in a different class. I got off the metro and that guy also got off the same metro station to my frustration. I walk as fast as possible nearly running not just to avoid him but also because I was late for a Skype session with my mother. Suddenly the guy is behind me again saying hi in a creepy way. This guy is so ffn hungry! He tells me I haven’t called him yet. I just replied with not yet. I go down to the tram station. He also goes down but opposite platform. From the other platform I felt he was calling me just before I got into the air conditioned area I couldn’t give less of a f. In the beginning I felt guilty for the fact that I took his number because I felt I was giving him the wrong impression. But then I realized how sickening this guy is.

This guy, older than my own father, walks behind me like a hungry dog. He claimed to have attended some Ivy League College. Where are his morals? It bothers me that girls around the world are haunted by such figures. It irritates me that a lot of these girls don’t have a voice. Every time I hear of a woman getting raped it gets to me because it could be me it could be my mother or my sister. Why do we girls don’t have a voice?

That’s one of the reason that finally after two years I’ve decided to finally start an enterprise that will empower woman. I’ve had enough of women not having a voice. After a lot of soul searching I’ve found that my mission in life is to support and empower other women.
I don’t have a big voice yet but I will work on a platform where women their voice will be heard. And together we will have a loud voice so people will listen to us!

Want to get involved? Let me know!

Do you have a story you want to share because you’re afraid to share it with friends and or loved ones let me know. I will listen to you! Because your voice is important and you need to be heard.

Diary of a mad woman





“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

How can I change the world on #IWD2014 with just 1 small gesture?

“I’ve seen where change comes from. When it comes it’s like a song you can’t hold back. Suddenly there’s a breath moving through you. You’re singing and others pick up the tune and start singing too. And a sweet melody goes out into the world and touches the heart of 1 person and another then another.” –Suma

These are the brave words of Suma from Nepal. She is one of the girls whose life is portrayed in the movie called girl rising. A must watch movie!

So on international woman’s day 2014 I just don’t want to be as cliché as every other one’s speech on women and their position and role in life.

I just want to say with tears in my eyes that it still hurts me how women are treated and that it irritates me that anno 2014 there hasn’t been much of a change. I feel that the fact that I am not yet doing anything to change women’s life that I’m wasting my time.

I feel responsible as a woman that while knowing that there are child marriages out there, that I do not try anything to CHANGE their life.

So I hereby pledge that I will devote my life to CHANGE the lives of women worldwide. I will finish my education not just for me and my parents. But I will finish my education to use it to help my fellow women worldwide.

So what is your excuse? If you are a male or female I don’t care. What do you think about all the child marriages out there? Most young girls die while giving birth. I know you are blessed not to be in that position. But why aren’t you doing something small to change that?

Even if it’s donating 1 dollar. Because everyone thinks that donating just 1 dollar doesn’t make a change. But just think about it, if everyone with a descent salary could just donate 1 dollar. Do u know how many billions we would raise?

But yeah, humanity has come to this point that we just don’t care anymore…

So if you don’t have a valid excuse for not helping other women yet, start with a small gesture, or forever be ashamed of yourself 🙂


How to be as fierce as sasha fierce to find your PURPOSE

I think everybody has been or maybe still is in this place where you know you aren’t supposed to be. In this place where u know change must come.
Because you cannot reach success via elevator. You have to take the stairs. You have to suffer first. Before you find your destiny in life

If you still are in this place where u aren’t happy. It means that you haven’t found your destiny yet. It means that you are either still working very hard to get out of this place. So thumbs up for you keeping it going. Or it means that you have peace with this situation. Because you think that, that is life. That you do not deserve more. Because you do not know your identity yet.

Well let me tell you something. If somebody else who was in the same situation as you, got out of it, why can’t you get out of it? Are you so stupid to believe that you do not deserve better. Why haven’t you found your destiny yet?

Do you know why you did not reach your goal YET? That is because you aren’t as fierce as you are supposed to be. Internally you are still searching for your passion in life. Because many people were never able to find their destiny in  life, due to the fact that they were too blind busy complaining, to find their destiny. That does not give you an excuse!

That other person who got out of the shitty situation had the same feelings as you. But that other person was so sick of it that he/she knew that the only way out of this situation was changing his/her mindset. This meaning that you aren’t sick of this situation. You just like being in this place.

So CHANGE your mindset! Stop being pessimistic and complaining too much about the situation. Complaining about your situation just makes you more of an idiot. If you don’t want to change anything stop complaining and be it, because that takes less of your energy.

So if you nearly want to be as FIERCE as me prove it to yourself!

Say this every morning to yourself in front of the mirror! Because if you want to change your life in the direction it is supposed to be, you will find your DESTINY. Your destiny/purpose will lead you to your happy place!Image

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Do you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe???

I think that everybody wants to succeed in life. Everybody wants a bit or a lot of wealth. How would you describe your success? Because everybody has his/ her own definition of success.

Well I would define success as being able to do whatever makes you happy. Being happy and healthy. Being able to contribute to other people’s life. Helping people getting their own success.

Let me give you a few recommendations for success:

1 Make your passion your life!

2 Surround yourself with people who are more successful than you. This sounds crazy. But rate the success of the 5 people around you. Add it up and then divide by 5. This number minus 1 is how successful you are. So if you are the most successful person in your group of friends you should definitely have new friends

3 Get coaching. Personal coaching is very expensive. But just follow blogs of coaches and that will give you enough coaching for the time being.

4 Study successful people their lives. Once you have studied enough of successful people you will be able to incorporate their strategies into your own life.

5 Keep educating yourself! Keep reading at least 5 books a month. This seems crazy but try to invest a lot of time in reading. Just subscribe via your Ipad or other tablet to websites such as kindle.

I could go on and on with tips but go and explore the internet yourself today. Get yourself educated. Not to exaggerate but self-education is a never ending process. Once you start feeding yourself with information you won’t be able to stop. 

Because if you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe you will do whatever it takes to do it.

Do you have asthma? Or do you know somebody who has asthma or something similar? Take an example of them. Let me tell you I had an asthma attack once in my life. Unforgettable! The only thing you want to do to stay alive is breathing nothing else than breathing. So if you want to succeed you must want that more than anything else. No distractions, nothing at all!

So start self-educating yourself and you will find the strategies to succeed.Image

Thank you for your attention.

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Living in the 21st century it seems so difficult to concentrate with all the distractions.
While you are busy doing your work suddenly you hear your what app messenger calling you. And once somebody messages you it continues till you realize a few hours have been wasted. Not only while you were whats apping but also while you were tweeting and being busy on facebook all at the same time.

So your work could have been finished in just one hour but just because of all these distractions you nearly lost 1 whole day.
And everyone who is not so fascinated by social media just gives you the advice to stop being distracted. They say that it is really easy bla bla bla. This is because they do not have any idea how addictive social media can be because they never use it.

So how can you boost your productivity?
Well all of us who are addicted to social media know that we are not just going to stop social media instantly.

So my advice. If you need to get a certain thing done, just stop social media for one hour. No facebook, whats app or even a washroom break. This seems silly. But we humans are so easily distracted that even on the way to the washroom you will want to do something else or you just want to have a glance at your phone.

So timer it. Put your timer for exactly one hour. And do not do anything else than your work. It is a bit hard. But think about it, one hour is gone so fast. So before you realize it, you are done with your work.

Just in one hour.